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“Love Letters”…Romancing the Heart

Three little words.... “I Love You” can and will transform your every sense to elation. The very thought that someone could immerse themselves into such thought, feeling and provocation to express how they feel is tantalizing to the heart! And one who writes those sentiments is far beyond the stars, they must have a light that only grows with romanticism, with character, with permanence! 

Scripting a love letter is opening your heart....a distinctive moment where your soul meets paper and gloriously pens your thoughts and desires, passionate trysts, dreams and beloved annotations. It’s an opportunity to convey your affection and the possibility of immortalizing one’s passion in the epistolary form.


Penning - The words describe the skip in your step, the butterflies swirling around in your belly.... all simultaneously coming together to link your soul to the one you love!

Don’t be afraid to sit a while and daydream about your thoughts, your smiles, your emotions running wild... you will find a creative genius inside marching to pen and paper to persuade your treasure to join you in life forever. A romantic gesture that can be counted for centuries...

Sit, reflect, have a cup of coffee and say “I Love You”

The how too’s of writing a love letter can be simple for some and wildly difficult for others. May I make a few suggestions.....

“Be Creative” there are unlimited possibilities in penning your beloved, a memory of a trip you took together or a trip you may want to take....a poem you read somewhere and feel the need to recite.....a beautiful sunset or sunrise that tickles your heart and makes you think of them, “YOU know that moment when everything else in the world doesn’t matter and you find yourself standing somewhere and suddenly you forget what you are doing or where you are going?!”....”THAT’S the moment to remember and write down”.

“Tell Stories” You may find that you are a literary genius, a poet or a hilarious rendition of who shouldn’t write at all...but who cares because you are sharing your heart and soul with the one you love. They will find it charming and thoughtful and highly generous of you to have put the time and effort into it. A story could be a dream you have of being together or of the life you have already shared, a memory enhanced to proclaim passion and desire. It may be more of a story to get your love back or to say you are sorry. Either way, make it your own and don’t be afraid to take a risk!

“Write a love letter to a stranger” A boost of encouragement to someone you don’t even know! Leave them in random places around town addressed to “Dear Stranger” and as you lay them down or tuck them in somewhere just know that at some point a random person will pick it up and read your words and you never know how that can boost someones spirits, or encourage them to push forward, or to just give them that universal shared love that they may have stopped believing in. You may say things like...

Dear Stranger,

I hope this letter finds you well and in good health. I want to encourage you to follow your dreams and believe in yourself!

Everything is possible if you have the heart and passion inside to create your destiny.

Believe in yourself always! I believe in you!

Yours respectfully,

Remember a stranger needs love too...


To inscribe your love upon the human heart, you must attend carefully and lovingly to every detail whether it’s a short note or a documentary. It needs your true feelings, your fear exposed! The back of a cocktail napkin may be sufficient for the spur of the moment, but for a true love letter find a beautiful piece of stationary or high quality paper. The grain of such will hint at your character and “if Freud wasn’t totally wrong”.... also, subliminally suggest to your beloved those other cotton sheets you hope to share....

In fact, all of the characteristics from the paper to the content command attention, sufficiently immortalizing your emotions. The texture of your letter can give your receiver a lump in the throat, trembling fingers that just by unfolding it for the first time, can conceal their tear stains. Let’s face it, if you are still reading this post “YOU” are also a romantic and these words I am writing are gripping your heart and possibly enhancing your desire to get started! Everyone needs to know they are loved! It’s our universal language to tell each other that we are important, we are cherished, appreciated and adored! Texting and email are wonderful tools to reach out to someone immediately but a “love letter” takes time and effort and those qualities are priceless and suggest your love is for real!

Tip: When choosing your ink for your fiercely courageous spirit please remember Henry Ford’s position on the color of the Model T from 1913-1925! .. you may write a love letter in any color of your choice..SO LONG AS IT IS BLACK 

Why black you ask.....? Because black is serious, elegant and luxuriously stains more deeply and permanently than anything else, don’t you want the same for your words? “The effect of forever class and grace”.... It enhances the elegance of your writing, resisting any inclination toward rumpled informality.

"Elegance is a refined simplicity, it prompts wit rather than comedy, refined rather than a flourish of excess, simply a sentiment rather than sentimentality..." I love you and hearing I love you are three of the most beautiful words anyone can ever hear or feel or read!! xo


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